Conservative Party Leadership Campaign Nearing the Finish Line

March 17, 2017

We’re into March, 2017 is well underway, and this means our leadership race is hitting the home stretch!

So far, Canadians have witnessed our party’s best and brightest share the stage, across the country, to make their pitch to Canadians.

In September, our Leadership Candidates shared our stage for the first time in the race with a visit to Saskatoon for our official Leadership Debate.

It was a successful launch to the campaign, and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. It generated meaningful debate among our supporters and those interested in Canada’s democracy.

The following bilingual debate in Moncton, the French debate in Quebec City, and most recently the bilingual debate in Edmonton, all had numerous topics of national interest covered.

Each candidate made their case for why they are the best choice to defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019.

The debates have covered various issues, from the economy, jobs, agriculture, health care and veterans, to balanced budgets and lowering taxes. Some of these the candidates agree on, while for other topics, some candidates share their own unique views.

As is the Conservative way, no issues are off the table.

The naming of our new party leader will happen May 27th in Toronto.

If you want to join this historic event in person, or want to know how you can cast your own ballot for a new leader, there are a few things you should know.

  • You must become a member by March 28th 201
  • You’ll receive a ballot, with instructions, in the mail after April 28th
  • Follow the instructions and send us back your ballot, so we receive it before 5pm ET May 26th or bring your ballot and ID to a polling station on May 27th

For more information about our Leadership Race, please visit: